Get back on the road as soon as possible
with our transmission services

At Marshall Transmissions, we’ll repair your vehicle to run as good as new.
And you know what else? We’ll get it done fast.


Regular servicing is important to the safety
of your vehicle

Our team of automotive experts recommend you have your vehicle serviced every 20,000km or on an annual basis.

Why? Regular transmission services or “check-ups” are important to the life of your vehicle and can prevent severe damage. Not to mention, keep you safe on the road.

Regular servicing means that our experienced team can pick up any minor issues and repair them before they turn into major, costly issues.

After all, problem-solving is what we do.


Problem-solving is our mission, premium car repair service is the outcome

As expert problem-solvers with over 40 years of experience, running diagnostics and fixing transmission issues is our speciality.

Our diagnostics service is helpful for any vehicle-owners out there who recognise something is wrong with their vehicle but they’re not sure what.

Keep yourself safe on the road and bring your vehicle in if you notice any unusual sounds or smells.

We’ll diagnose the problem and fix it!

Clutch Problems

As a common car problem, our technicians are experts at clutch repairs

Most clutches last an average of 100,000km before needing repaired or replaced.

However, if your vehicle does a lot of towing, or it hasn’t been taken care of very well, then you will likely encounter clutch problems more often.

If your clutch feels like it is slipping, sticking, or making funny noises our expert team will repair this for you.

Transmission Failure

As the transmission magicians, transmission failures are our speciality

Like all car parts, the older the vehicle, and the more distance it has travelled, the more wear and tear.

As transmission magicians, our team repair, rebuild and replace the relevant parts for both manuals and automatics.

DSG Transmissions

With an increasing number of vehicles with direct shift gearbox (DSG) these days – particularly European vehicles – we also offer a specialised DSG transmission service.

Using our advanced electronic diagnostic equipment, we’ll repair your transmission – whatever type – and have your vehicle running smoothly again in no time.

Torque Converter Engineering

As a vital part of your transmission, torque converter rebuilding is a service we specialise in

The torque converter is what connects the engine and transmission in your vehicle.

We repair and rebuild torque converters for private automotive vehicles as well as industrial vehicles such as forklifts, diggers and trucks.

With continuous up-skilling and industry development, our team are experts in torque converter and transmission repair, so if you have a problem come on in!


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