Diagnosing Your Vehicle

  • Funny smells?
  • Harsh shifting?
  • Leaking oil?
  • Your vehicle just doesn’t feel right?

Time to get it checked out

Before any repairs are carried out it is extremely important to diagnose the vehicle correctly.

We have invested 10’s of thousands of dollars into having the latest up to date code readers, scan tools and test equipment. So our our highly skilled and internationaly trained staff can quickly and correctly diagnose your vehicle.

Most diagnostics can be carried out while you wait. So if somethings not right give us a call, prevention is always better than the cure!

Contact us today or call 0800 22 8000 now to book.


"Awesome service, prompt and friendly - and didn't cost the earth!"

Steve Englet, Hamilton

"A very professional company, which I've already recommended to several friends...”

Atef Halaka, Auckland

"My car nightmare seemed to disappear as soon as I phoned them."

John Meyer, Hamilton