Clutch Problems? Let the Magicians have a look

A car that is driven smoothly, without towing extra loads, can get over 100,000 kilometres out of a clutch. When a vehicle is thrashed, or is constantly dealing with extra loads, the clutch will wear out much faster.

Clutch Slipping
A new slipping clutch will most probably be related to operator abuse, like riding the clutch on hills, poor friction point, or oil contamination, and should be rectified immediately before unnecessary wear occurs.

An adjustment might be in order before the clutch fails completely.

Clutch Sticking or Grabbing
Aside from slipping, clutches can also stick, or grab, also known as chattering. This can be caused by a number of issues, the main ones being:sports_clutch_kit

  • Clutch cable needs replacing
  • Flywheel is warped or damaged
  • Oil contamination of the clutch linings

Do You Have a Clutch problem? Listening for Clutch Noise.
When you can suddenly hear strange noises, like squealing, chirping, or rumbling, then it is time to get the clutch looked at.

Change in the Clutch Pedal
If you suddenly have to push the clutch pedal flat to the floor, then you may need some adjustment in the clutch cabling, or have a problem in the hydraulics, if you car is fitted with them.

We also:

  • Parts supply, Center Hydraulic release bearings ect..
  • Custom machining, Flywheels & ring gears
  • Full suppying and fitting of standard and performance clutch kits

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