Auto transmission, gearbox & full vehicle servicing


To ensure a trouble-free and economical life, transmissions should be serviced, every year or 20,000km. Servicing an automatic is important preventative maintenance. Any small problem can be repaired, often avoiding major expense later. Just changing the oil with a tube down the filler pipe or the drain plug is not a service! A proper service involves Marshall Transmissions highly trained and skilled mechanics removing the pan, adjusting bands where fitted, replacing the filter and inspecting for debris – which is not possible with an oil changer!

Marshall Transmissions will also check for oil leaks and drive line play, and perform an under car safety check whilst the vehicle is being serviced

This includes FILLED FOR LIFE or SEALED UNITS 99% of these require servicing!

Servicing usually takes an hour or so – we have loan cars available by appointment. Or, you can use our drop-off service or our comfy waiting room (with Sky TV!)

Our standard transmission service includes:

  • Drain transmission fluid
  • Remove and clean oil pan
  • Inspect fluid for metal or clutch lining material
  • Replace filter
  • Refit the pan with new gasket
  • Refill with correct grade of transmission fluid
  • Check for leaks in hoses and seals
  • Check over vehicle, fluids etc
  • Road test operation of transmission

Ask about our free labour on engine servicing.

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Transmission Failure

Most transmission failures are caused by lack of service, and heat! Heat burns the oil, hardens the seals and causes early wear of bands, bushes and clutches. Small changes in your car’s operating feel should be diagnosed immediately. Late or early shifts, slipping or noises could become expensive if left. Early diagnosisand repair are essential to save possible major cost. With the equipment that only Marshall Transmissions has, we can locate most problems without guessing or costly teardowns.

Prompt Service

If diagnosis shows a problem we can speedily repair it, Marshall Transmissions understand that it can be an inconvenience to be without a vehicle and we pride ourselves on a quick turnaround, so you can be back on the road in no time – unlike some mechanical shops, we are not a one man band!

Free Loan Vehicles

We have Loan Vehicles at the ready, free to use while your vehicle is off the road.

Specialist services

Marshall Transmissions can convert your vehicle from manual to automatic transmission, as well as converting from manual to power steering. We recondition power steering units for all types of vehicles. Differential repairsare no problem to our skilled technicians. Manual gearboxes and clutches are also a large part of the business. We have large stocks of new and used parts, including flex plates, torque converters, cables etc. Marshall Transmissions have the staff and expertise to specialise in vintage, classic and hot rod vehicles; they have the experience of over 35 years of rally, racing, and restoration.


Marshall Transmissions specialise in quick, professional service with an honest 12 months 20,000km warranty. We service ambulance, police, taxi and fleet cars – a sign of our expertise.

General Repairs

Marshall Transmissions can do more than just transmissions, if you need general repairs, servicing, WOF work or Fleet Maintance You can benefit from out expertise and long standing industry knowledge.

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Steve Englet, Hamilton

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Atef Halaka, Auckland

"My car nightmare seemed to disappear as soon as I phoned them."

John Meyer, Hamilton